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Name:Person of Interest Fanfic Community
Website:Mirror Community
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:Person of Interest Fanfic Community
Welcome to the Person of Interest Fanfic Dreamwidth Mirror Community. I'm your moderator [personal profile] sevencorvus, if anyone has any questions/concerns/suggestions feel free to email me at, please put Person of Interest Fic in the subject heading.

The Rules

What is allowed in this community?
fanfic, icons, screencaps, any other fanart, fanvids, fanmixes, recs, links, discussion posts, news, etc.
-basically anything that is related to the tv show Person of Interest

-all spoilers should be behind a cut, and your post should have episode tags if applicable
-I will not tolerate flaming or trolling, please be civil, my hope is this will be a non-issue
-if you are interested in affiliating, promoting a community, or are unsure if something is allowed, please contact me first

-required on every post
-if you are not sure what tags to use, or would like me to add a tag(s) for that post, please use "tags?"

-please put all stories behind a cut
-you may link to an external entry, but make sure it's not friends-locked
-crossovers are welcome as long as one of the fandoms is Person of Interest, or one of the characters is present
-slash and rpf are also welcome, but should be clearly marked
-when posting please use a header similar to this:
Word Count:

-you may preview one image, the rest should be behind a cut
-you may preview up to 3 icons, the rest should be behind a cut

If anyone has any questions/concerns/suggestions regarding the above, please comment here.

Sister Community: [profile] personofint_tv
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